Don’t Fall for These Car Insurance Company Tactics to Deny Your Valid Claim

Claim Denied Paper From a New Mexico Insurance CompanyYou were seriously injured in an Albuquerque car accident that wasn’t your fault. You deserve compensation from the other driver’s insurance company, but they are giving you the runaround.

You don’t understand how they can delay or deny your claim when their driver was clearly at fault, and you have incurred significant medical bills. Unfortunately, some insurance companies will do whatever it takes to avoid paying a costly claim, even resorting to dirty tricks and sneaky tactics.

The Albuquerque car accident attorney at Keller & Keller in Albuquerque is on to these tricks, however, and we will help you get the compensation you need and deserve.

7 Tricks Insurers Will Try to Deny Your Claim

Make no mistake, our personal injury lawyer says. Insurance companies exist to make a profit, not to help people who are struggling after an accident. Even when you have a legitimate claim, they will do all they can to delay paying you and to reduce the amount they owe. The following are some of the tactics they will use to accomplish these goals:

  1. Getting you to contradict yourself. Car accidents are traumatic and disorienting. You might say something to the police or others at the scene that you later contradict. The insurance company would love to catch you doing this, so they may want to record their conversation with you. Not only do you not have to agree to be recorded, you absolutely should not agree!
  2. Looking for past injuries. The insurance adjuster will also tell you that you have to sign a medical release so that they can obtain proof of your injuries. While it’s true that they will need to see your medical records, never sign a blanket release. They will use this to try to find evidence of a pre-existing injury so that they can deny that the crash caused your current injuries.
  3. Pushing you into a quick settlement. You may be tempted to accept their first offer to get your money faster, but you can be sure this will be less than what you are truly owed. Don’t let an adjuster bully you into accepting an offer before you’re ready.
  4. Spying on you. Proving you’re not as injured as you claim is another common tactic. They may monitor your social media accounts to see if you are as injured as you say you are, or they may even follow you around and take pictures of you.
  5. Dragging your case out. A common trick is to simply ignore your calls and delay taking any action in the hopes that you’ll give up and accept a low offer. This can go on for years! As your bills pile up, they will continue to drag their feet.
  6. Misrepresenting coverage. The driver who caused your accident may have a million-dollar liability policy, but his insurance company is not going to tell you that. Don’t believe them when they tell you their client has minimal coverage!
  7. Telling you not to hire an attorney. All of these tricks can be avoided with the help of a car accident attorney, which is exactly why they will not want you to hire one. Instead, they will claim they can help and assure you that you will make more money if you work directly with them.

It may feel like the odds are stacked against you and, in many ways, they are. But with the help of an experienced car accident attorney, you can beat the insurance company at their own game.

At Keller & Keller, We Have a Few Tricks Up Our Sleeves, Too!

The last thing the insurance company for the negligent driver wants is for you to call an attorney. That’s because they know they can’t get away with these tactics when you are represented by an attorney who has their number. When we step in, we will make sure your privacy is protected as we pursue the full value of the claim on your behalf. And the best part is, you won’t owe us a dime until we resolve your case to your satisfaction.

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