What Should I Consider When Hiring an Attorney?

You’ve been through enough.

Being the victim of a dog bite attack is terrifying. After the agony of the initial attack, you must seek medical attention and often endure a prolonged recovery. This can include disfiguring scars and possibly even psychological counseling. Resuming everyday life is difficult enough without being victimized again by the hassles and intimidation of an insurance company.

When New Mexico residents seek compensation for a dog bite through an insurance company, they're going up against enormous corporations with their own team of attorneys and nearly limitless resources. Insurance companies also have the knowledge to exploit obscure provisions and clauses within a policy. Essentially, they will try any possible strategy to deny a claim.

The best defense for New Mexico dog bite victims is to hire an attorney who understands dog bite law. Not only does an attorney have the experience of past cases to draw upon, but he or she will have the resources to fully investigate your claim.

Your attorney can help guide you through the long, difficult and confusing process of making a recovery for personal injuries suffered in a dog bite. Best of all, our firm doesn’t get paid until you get paid, so we don’t stop working until the job is done.