My name is Jim Keller and I’m a Managing Partner of Keller & Keller’s statewide Indiana practice.

I grew up in St. Joseph, Michigan where my grandfather George Keller had started Keller & Keller back in 1936. He was a very well-known trial lawyer at the time and was, in fact, responsible for changing the wrongful death laws as they relate to children in our country. Suffice to say he was a large influence in my wanting to become a lawyer.

After high school, I attended Indiana University for my undergrad studies. After IU, I returned to Michigan for law school, and it wasn’t longer after receiving my J.D. that I began practicing law.

When I meet with a client for the first time, I’m sometimes asked what made me choose personal injury law. I’ve always enjoyed helping people, especially when I know someone is trying to take advantage of another person. I think that was the biggest inspiration behind becoming a plaintiffs’ lawyer.

Thousands of cases have come through our office, but one that will always be special to me involved the case of a little girl by the name of Samantha Allen. Her family called us after she was hit by a car while trying to cross the street. Samantha suffered a serious spinal cord injury the resulted in quadriplegia… it was the same type of injury that had paralyzed the late actor Christopher Reeves. After her case was settled we felt compelled to do more, and that’s when we created the Samantha’s House Foundation—it’s a 501c3 that helps people with disabilities live a more comfortable life.

We have a habit of winning the big cases.

Our Indianapolis attorneys are award-winning, we are consistently recognized as Super Lawyers and have been named to Best Lawyers in America. We are also an AV-rated law firm, meaning other lawyers have ranked us at the highest level of professional excellence.

And despite our success we pride ourselves on remaining a very personable law firm. We treat everyone’s case with the same level of importance, and every client receives the same care. I think that really comes through when people read client reviews of Keller & Keller that are on the internet.

When I’m not at the office, I enjoy playing golf and tennis, and I also have three daughters that keep my wife and I very busy. 

If you’ve been hurt in an accident, have a question about what you should or shouldn’t do, or how much your case is worth, please call or write me, and I’ll be happy to speak with you at no cost.




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