The Managing Partner of Keller & Keller answers the most common questions we receive from Bloomington residents about their personal injury case.


Hello, I'm Jim Keller, Managing Partner of Keller & Keller, and I want to take a moment to answer some questions I receive from callers looking for a personal injury attorney in Bloomington, Indiana. The questions are usually

  1. "Do you handle cases in Bloomington?", 
  2. "How much does it cost to hire Keller & Keller?
  3. "Will I have to go to court?" 

Starting with number one. Yes, we handle cases in Bloomington. In fact, we've settled a number of big cases in Bloomington that have involved things from auto accidents to social security disability claims to even wrongful death lawsuits. A lot of people think that their attorney needs to have an office in their hometown and that's simply not true. If you live in Bloomington and need a personal injury lawyer, you should be more concerned with the lawyer's credentials, their experience, and making sure that they limit their practice to personal injury.That's more important than location, and in the vast majority of cases, you'll never even need to make a trip to your attorney's office. 

Second is cost. How much will I have to pay Keller & Keller? We offer everyone in Bloomington our Zero Fee Guarantee. That means no matter the size or circumstances of your case, you'll never pay us anything until we make a recovery for you. 

Third, some people assume that if they hire a lawyer to help them they'll eventually have to appear before a judge in Monroe County Courthouse. Again, that's not true. Most people are relieved to learn that when we settle the majority of our cases we settle them out of court without our clients ever having to go to court.

Last, if you're thinking of hiring an attorney to help you with your case, please call or email me. I graduated from IU and do visit Bloomington throughout the year to see friends, and of course, attend games at Assembly Hall. In fact, we have several attorneys that all graduated from IU, so our office is very familiar with the city of Bloomington and we're happy to help.

James R. Keller
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