"Delay, Deny, and Hope That I Die..."

That's the motto being given to the Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA) by our disabled veterans.

After viewing last night's veterans disability story on 60 Minutes, it seems fitting. While 60 Minutes didn't tell us anything we didn't already know about the VBA, it certainly did an excellent job of highlighting the burgeoning crisis facing our disabled veterans seeking benefits.

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Our government continues petitioning our soldiers and their families to make sacrifices for our country. Yet, when that soldier's sacrifice leads to a debilitating injury, the government seems to do an about-face, leaving the disabled  veteran on their own to fight within a system that can leave them waiting four years to receive needed medical benefits. The only hope a disabled veteran might have in many instances, is to hire a 
qualified veterans disability lawyer.

One of 60 Minutes guests, Paul Sullivan, highlighted some depressing facts. (Mr. Sullivan is executive director of Veterans for Common Sense, an advocacy group that works on behalf of veterans' issues.)  

"The VBA tilts the scales very heavily against veterans. Right now, when VBA makes a mistake on a claim, almost always the mistake is in favor of the government. Very, very few cases of fraud are ever found." Mr. Sullivan further stated, "The number of veterans who appeals their claim is in the tens of thousands and ballooning. Right now, the Board of Veterans appeals, which is another government agency outside of the VBA, has 200,000 backlogged appeals. That's a nightmare, that's an outrage! Two hundred thousand veterans waiting on average 4 years to get an answer from the DVA."

Our veterans deserve better. You deserve better. And you shouldn't have to wait to receive veterans disability benefits that are rightfully yours.  

Recent changes in our law have made it so that you no longer have to wait on the government. You can take charge of your claim by getting outside help. Disabled veterans are now legally allowed to hire a
qualified veterans disability lawyer to help them fight their appeal. 






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Patricia B. 04/11/2010 09:39 AM
I already receive disability for a service connected injury. In 10-2009 I had to have surgery again to repair this disability. CFR states that if you have surgery on a service connected disability and the recovery takes 30 days or longer you ARE to receive 100% compensation for 90 days. Open and Shut... Ya, right. I filed the claim within weeks after the surgery, had my C&P exam less than a month later, cleared the claims department and went to the ratings board at the Regional office in December 2009 and to this day that is where my claim resides. Four months later I have yet to receive any word and five months after initial claim submitted. I call once a month and it does nothing.
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