Actos clinical study reveals possible heart risk

Dr. Steven Nissen, a world-renowned cardiologist at the Cleveland Clinic, was chosen to conduct studies based on claims that Actos was causing serious heart problems in patients. 

The results that Dr. Nissen was particularly critical of are contained in the PROactive study. The study found that there was a strong correlation between patients who used the type-2 diabetes drug and serious cardiovascular risks, including an increased likelihood of stroke and/or heart attack.

The completed study included a review of 42 cases involving Actos, which found that patients' risks of heart attack increased by 42% while taking Actos.  This comparison was based on a side-by-side analysis between Actos and alternative drugs, or a placebo pill that contained no actual medication. 

Actos caught the attention of the FDA after data like that which appeared in the PROactive report revealed that Actos not only caused heart issues but was linked to bladder cancer in patients that had taken the diabetes medication. 

If you have ever taken a diabetes drug, please consult with your doctor about any possible complications or symptoms you are experiencing.  Even if you are not currently experiencing any problems, it's good advice to seek a consultation with your doctor to discuss any possibility of future risks.

If you or someone you know has suffered heart problems as a result of taking Actos, you need to speak with an Actos lawyer who is currently filing lawsuits against the drug manufacturer, Takeda Pharmaceuticals
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