The vast majority of prescription drugs and medical devices prescribed to patients by their doctors are approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). And while one of the main responsibilities of the FDA is to protect our well-being against large pharmaceutical corporations, harmful drugs continue to be made available to the public. For the people who have taken these drugs, the results can be devastating.

Keller & Keller has spoken to thousands of people throughout Indiana who have taken medication for a condition or illness only to be further harmed by an unexpected side-effect. In most instances, the patient was unaware of the potential risks they faced by taking a harmful drug because the risks had note been disclosed to their doctors by the manufacturer of the drug.

Filing a Lawsuit Against a Drug Company Doesn’t Merely Help You, It Helps Save the Lives of Others

When a dangerous drug has caused injury to you or a loved one, it's normal to wonder if you may have a case against the drug manufacturer. We have investigated a number of defective drugs and can help determine whether or not you have a potential case. No one should ever assume that a bad reaction to a drug is normal, and you should never feel as though you have to surrender to the drug companies.

Drug Approval and Advertising Campaigns

In the early 90's Congress asked the FDA to work with drug companies to speed the process at which new medications were approved. Former President Clinton had also joined their plea for quicker drug approval, requesting that the FDA see pharmaceutical companies as “partners, not adversaries.” This was intended to accelerate the rate at which AIDS drugs were made available to the public. The intention was honorable; however, the repercussions are still being felt today.

It's no secret that big drug companies aggressively lobby politicians to help speed up drug approval times, and once the drug is approved, the drug company will spend billions on advertising campaigns. In fact, it's believed in many circles that drug companies are guilty of disease mongering, meaning they will spend billions to raise market awareness for human conditions that are oftentimes normal, such as AbbVie, Inc's Low-T Quiz.

The expedited drug approval process, along with the enormous sums of money drug companies pour into Congress and patient advocacy groups, means that FDA has over time approved drugs are not always as safe as we wish for them to be:

In a period of seven years, seven drugs were responsible for at least 1,002 deaths in the United States. This number includes at least 24 deaths in children under six due to the use of heartburn drug called Propulsid. In clinical trials, eight children had died, yet doctors were not warned about the risks to children. Before being pulled the drug generated over $2.5 billion dollars in sales.

Due to the deep pockets of drug manufactures, questionable drugs continue to flood the market, only to be recalled after they have harmed or killed numerous Americans. For the families who have lost a loved one, or for people who suffer the lifelong repercussions of taking a bad drug, no amount of money will fill their loss. However, if enough victims stand up and demand to be heard, the drug companies and Congress alike will be forced to look at dangerous drugs as a serious problem.

Were You Injured by One of These Drugs?

Why File Suit Against a Drug Company?

Giant drug companies make billions of dollars every year, and sometimes their profits come at the expense of the American public's health. No matter your type of injury, if a harmful drug has affected your physical or psychological well-being, it's your right and responsibility to hold the drug manufacturer accountable.

Not only is it possible to receive compensation for a dangerous prescription drug by filing a lawsuit, taking legal action also serves a greater purpose in helping to ensure that others aren't harmed by the drug companies' inadequate warning or hidden side effects. Unfortunately, the number of adverse reactions caused by dangerous drugs is grossly under-reported, leaving the victim's voice unheard and putting thousands of other lives at risk. 

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