Compensation for Actos lawsuits

Thousands of Actos lawsuits have been filed on behalf of clients who have developed bladder cancer and heart problems as a result of taking the type-2 diabetes drug, and many of our clients who have been injured by this drug have asked about the different types of compensation that area available with regard to these lawsuits. 

Our Actos lawyers are asking for one or several of the following types of damages on behalf of our clients:

Medical Bills

This can include all medical bills that you have incurred prior to and up to retaining us as your Actos lawyer.

Future medical bills

These are bills that you have yet to incur for any treatment you may need to undergo as a result of being injured by Actos.

Lost wages

If your doctors advised you not to work for certain periods of time due to the side effects caused by Actos, then you may be able to recover those wages.

Loss of future earnings

This can include any lost job interviews or potential business deals that were missed as a result of your injuries.

Loss of consortium

If one's spouse is unable to have normal marital relations as a result of Actos injuries, you may be able to recover for loss of consortium.

Wrongful death

Filed on behalf of a loved one that has passed away as a result of Actos use.

Emotional damages

These damages are subjective and wide-ranging. Our lawyer will discuss these with you once you have hired us to pursue the drug manufacturer.

Diminished enjoyment of life

If your injury does not allow you to pursue prior hobbies or pleasures, you may be entitled to diminshed enjoyment of life damages.

This is not a complete list of damages that you may be able to recover for your Actos lawsuit, nor does it guarantee that you can recover for all of these factors. Our Actos lawyer will speak to you about your specific case to give you a better idea about which damages will apply to your case.

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