At any given time, there is ALWAYS a case in our office involving a client who was injured in an accident that occurred at an intersection. Because these types of collisions are a regular source of serious injury, we gathered a list of Albuquerque's most dangerous intersections to help serve as a warning for New Mexico's commuters and everyday travelers.    

Recent studies report that an average of 1.36 crashes occur at an intersection for every million that pass through. If that doesn't sound like a lot, it must be remembered that thousands of cars and trucks pass through some of Albuquerque's intersections each day. This type of volume adds up to the million mark more quickly than one might imagine.

10 Most Dangerous Albuquerque Intersections

*Each of these intersections are also represented by the number of crashes that occur per every million vehicles that pass through. Each is also linked to a Google Street View map.

These intersections represent a mixture of traffic light-controlled, one way stop signs, and roads that don't have sidewalks. While the traffic control measure and configuration is being reviewed by safety experts, there are also a number of other factors that may be contributing to these accidents.

Causes of Intersection Accidents

City planners and safety groups are looking at ways to decrease the number of accidents occurring at Albuquerque's most dangerous intersections, and a combination of reduced speeds and roadway reconfiguration are among the most popular solutions. But what are some other common causes of intersection accidents?

  • Failure to yield the right of way

We often see this listed as the primary cause of accidents occurring at intersections, and it usually occurs when a driver turns left in front of oncoming traffic that has a green light.

  • Distracted driving

Texting, talking on a cell phone, talking to a passenger... There are several distractions that can easily lead a driver to run a red light or disregard a stop sign.

  • Trying to beat a yellow light

We've all seen it: a driver guns their vehicle to try and pass through an intersection while a light is yellow. Depending on the timing of the light sequence, it's possible you'll be in the intersection when another driver has a green light.

  • Speeding
  • Driving under the influence

Hurt in an intersection accident?

Accidents that occur in intersections have a higher likelihood of being a "he-said-she-said" battle with regard to liability. Our Albuquerque injury attorneys have handled several of these accident types and are willing to begin investigating your claim the moment you call. 

Our Zero Fee Guarantee gives anyone the opportunity to put our experienced law firm on their side. In fact, you'll never be charged a fee for a consultation and the only way we receive money for our legal services when you win compensation!

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