Diabetes drug gets new bladder cancer warning

Actos (pioglitazone), the most popular diabetes drug ever manufactured, recently received an official warning label from the FDA that advises doctors and patients to take several precautions with regard to its use.

Most importantly, the Actos warning language advises physicians to refrain from prescribing Actos (at any level) to patients who have been diagnosed with bladder cancer. The Actos studies have led to conclusive proof that the diabetes drug can increase the likelihood of bladder cancer in people when compared to those who have never taken the drug.

If you are currently taking Actos, the warning advises that you seek immediate medical care if you experience or have experienced:

Blood in your urine

Increased urgency in your need to urinate

Pain during urination (this pain can appear in your lower back and/or lower abdomen)

While the above-listed symptoms do not guarantee that a person has bladder cancer, they are considered indicators that should be examined by your doctor. (There are also several other symptoms associated with bladder cancer, and this list is not exhaustive.)

It should also be noted that Actos has been show to cause serious heart problems in patients who have taken the drug, and anyone experiencing problems or has a history of heart problems, including in their family, should consult with a physician before taking the drug.

Our Actos lawyers are currently filing bladder cancer lawusits on behalf of clients who have been injured by this diabetes drug. If you have taken the drug and have any questions about its history or potential side-effects, please call our office for a no-fee consultation.

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