Am I Required to Pay Taxes on an Indiana Personal Injury Settlement?

Legal gavel on a stack of moneyIf you've received a monetary settlement from an auto accident or personal injury claim in the past year, the good news is that most of the time, you do NOT have to pay taxes on that money. However, there are some exceptions to that rule. Our Indianapolis truck accident attorney explains below.

Did You Recover for Property Damage Loss?

Settlement for damage and repairs to your vehicle and the cost of a rental car is not subject to taxes.

What About Your Medical Expenses

Settlement for medical bills and expenses are reimbursement and, therefore, not taxable.

Did You Get an Award for Pain and Suffering

Fortunately, physical pain and suffering are not taxable, but emotional distress may be subject to taxation.

Did You Get a Settlement for Lost Wages?

Compensation for lost wages IS subject to Income Tax because your regular income would have been.

Megan Fennerty
Indiana personal injury lawyer dedicated to securing justice for clients.
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