A closeup rendering of the COVID-19 Coronavirus.The COVID-19 Pandemic is at the top of everyone’s mind. As we try to navigate this uncharted territory we must make daily decisions to keep ourselves and our families safe. Experts are learning more about the virus each day are now able to appropriately advise medical facilities on how to properly care for both COVID patients and non-COVID patients. One of the many consequences of the pandemic has been under-utilization of important medical services for patients with non-COVID-19-related urgent and emergent medical needs. At this stage of the pandemic, the CDC is stressing to Americans that COVID-19 should not delay important medical care.

Reasons to Seek Medical Care, Even During a Pandemic

1. Emergency

If you would have called 911 or had someone drive you to the ER before COVID-19, you should still do it now. When fears about COVID prevent people from going to the ER during an emergency, it can be dangerous and even deadly. In a medical emergency, every minute matters. Getting care quickly can be the difference between life and death.

2. Routine Care

The line becomes blurred when considering whether or not to go to the doctor for routine care. Routine care can still be critical to your health and skipping appointments can be risky and lead to complications.

  • Managing chronic conditions: chronic conditions like heart disease or diabetes require regular checkups. Talk to your doctor about ways to continue getting the routine care that you need.
  • Labs and imaging: labs and imaging for medically necessary or even elective procedures should still be conducted. Child immunizations: maintaining vaccine schedules is important to help prevent against preventable diseases. COVID should not disrupt this schedule.
  • Screenings:colonoscopies and mammograms may have been delayed in the early COVID months but are now being scheduled. These appointments should be kept.
  • Physical therapy and rehab: can be conducted virtually or at home when possible. Speak with your therapist about the best course of treatment.
  • Common discomforts and ailments: colds, vomiting, rashes, and back pain are common reasons that both children and adults seek medical care. It may be best to try telemedicine or a call to the doctor before going in to the office.

Is it Safe to Go to the Doctor During the COVID-19 Pandemic?

The CDC has released a framework for healthcare systems providing non-COVID care during the pandemic. Healthcare employees are trained to prevent the spread of illness and are following expert guidance in hospitals and clinics by treating COVID-19 patients separately from others, taking extra cleaning and disinfecting protocols, conducting wellness screenings at entrances, and requiring masks.

If you have concerns about going to your doctor’s office or medical facility, contact your provider and ask what safety protocols they are taking. Don’t forget to do your part by wearing a mask, practicing social distancing, avoiding contact with frequently touched surfaces, and using hand sanitizer.

Not Seeking Medical Care Can Negatively Affect Your Case

Seeking medical care and following your doctor’s orders are incredibly important to the outcome of both personal injury cases and social security disability cases. At Keller & Keller we want our clients to know that medical care should not be delayed.

If you were involved in a car accident, slip and fall, or dog bite, medical care should not be delayed. Immediate medical care is not only important for your health but also protects any future injury claim you may need to make. The way that the insurance company compensates victims for pain and suffering is based on medical documentation of that pain. Without medical records supporting pain levels and the road to recovery, it is hard to justify a fair settlement.

Social Security disability clients also need to stay consistent with their medical care. Judges look at non-compliant care and treatment gaps as red flags. Medical records are necessary to tell your story.

If you or a family member have been injured or have been denied Social Security disability benefits, it is important to get an experienced attorney involved immediately. Our team at Keller & Keller can talk to you about your case and will help you navigate any concerns you have about treatment during the COVID-19 pandemic. Call today for a free consultation.

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