What is the danger associated with driving in a truck's "No-Zone" area?

You are probably well aware of the blind spots surrounding your sedan or minivan. You know that if you don’t turn around and look over your shoulder before changing lanes, you may hit a car that was cruising in your blind spot. Now imagine just how big the blind spots are surrounding a semi-truck. These areas are known as “No-Zones”.

Where Is a Semi-Truck’s No-Zone?

The "No-Zone" refers to the areas behind and beside a commercial truck, where the truck driver has limited or zero visibility:

  • The left rear quarter
  • The right rear quarter
  • Directly behind the truck at a short distance.

When a driver is operating a vehicle in any of these areas, they are highly susceptible to an accident. Truckers can't see vehicles in the side no-zone and Red Semi-Truck's Front Mirror Showing Limited Rear Viewsmay cut them off when making a lane change. When you drive directly behind and too close to a semi-truck, you are not only hidden from the driver, but your ability to see the traffic in front of the truck is reduced or eliminated.

When you are driving near semi-trucks, always be aware of these no-zones. Remember, too, that if you can't see a trucker's mirrors, the trucker most likely can't see you!

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