Why are expert witnesses important to prove fault in a truck accident case?

An experienced Indianapolis truck accident attorney knows what to look for in the aftermath of a truck crash and may even be able to gather enough evidence to prove truck driver liability. However, an attorney investigation should not take the place of hiring expert witnesses to review the case and testify on behalf of the victim.

Why Use Experts?

Compass Pointed at the Word ExpertEvery trucking case should have experts to assist an investigation and to analyze the information for potential testimony on liability. It is also important to employ experts in order to establish that safety inspections and driving logs were properly kept. Truck accident experts will know how to obtain key pieces of evidence, including inspection reports, maintenance records, the truck’s black box, driving logs, cargo manifests, and more. If your attorney does not utilize experts in truck accident cases, you may want to find a new attorney.

Keller & Keller Has the Resources to Properly Investigate Your Case

The law offices of Keller and Keller will work closely with the proper resources to ensure that your accident is investigated fully and in a thorough manner. If you are struggling after a truck crash in Indiana, call our offices at 800-253-5537 today.


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