Why shouldn't I settle with the insurance company myself?

Don’t Take Their First Offer

Initially, the insurance adjuster is going to seem nice and helpful. Don’t be surprised if they tell you that you don’t need an attorney. They will say that they will work with you to resolve your case fairly. The offer from the trucking may even sound appealing, and maybe even fair, at first. But, keep in mind, it is neither the trucking company’s nor its insurance carrier’s job to pay you what your case is worth. Instead, it is their job to pay you the smallest amount possible.

Insurance companies will quickly offer to may your first few medical bills or lost wages so that they can settle your case quickly and wash their hands of the incident. It is important to remember a couple of important things: (1) the insurance company will only settle with you once. If you settle with them today but go to the doctor next week, that doctor’s visit may not be covered and you will not be compensated for your ongoing pain and suffering, and (2) it is import to consider not only how you are feeling today, but how you will feel tomorrow, next week, next month, and maybe even for years to come. If you settle your case too early or sign anything from the trucking company, you may be signing away your right to full compensation should your injuries become worse or should you need more treatment.

Truck Accidents Are Complicated

They require expert investigation and liability analysis that only an experienced Albuquerque truck accident attorney can provide. You may not even be able to get your hands on all of the evidence without an attorney involved. In order to see the full picture, assess every avenue of liability, and ensure that you get full and fair compensation, hiring an attorney is an absolute must.

Get the compensation you deserve after a New Mexico truck accident.