Our Indiana construction injury lawyers offer FREE consultations to workers and their family.

There are countless dangers lurking at every construction worksite, and the smallest mistake can lead to life-altering injuries. The personal injury lawyers in our Indianapolis office who handle construction site injury claims know this all too well, as we have represented several construction workers and their families for a large variety of injury types, including death.

On average, more than 1,000 workers die in a worksite related accident and tens of thousands of more will suffer serious injuries that require extended hospitalization and long-term treatment. The most common cause for fatal and non-fatal injuries include: 

  • Construction Site Falls

        The majority of cases we handle for injured construction workers involves a fall, often from faulty scaffolding or             a ladder. Depending on the liability, and whether or not OSHA regulations were broken, it's possible that a recovery         can be made to cover for the worker's injuries, lost wages, and pain and suffering.  

  • Construction Site Equipment 

​          Several of the construction workers we represent were injured by the very tools they use to do their work.                   Whether it be a jackhammer, crane, bulldozer, front loader, saw, etc., faulty or dangerous construction site                   equipment is the leading cause of injuries on the job site.      

  • Fires and Explosions 

        Until a job is complete, it's not uncommon for workers to be around exposed wiring, leaking pipes, dangerous                   chemicals, and other fire hazards. And though explosions are not nearly as common, the injuries sustained in this             accident type are often life-altering or fatal. 

  • Falling Objects

        At any time, a worker may be struck on the head by a falling tool or a falling piece of material. A falling beam or             slab of concrete can lead to serious injuries as well as death from blunt force trauma.

  • Overexertion 

        Workers often have to work in extreme conditions doing hard labor for many hours. This can lead to heat stroke,             repetitive movement injuries, and other health issues.

If you were injured on a work site by any of the above causes, our Indiana Construction Site Injury Lawyers can provide you and/or your family with a FREE consultation about your potential claim. 

In addition, it's critical that you be aware of the time limits associated with filing a work site injury claim. Every injury claim has strict deadlines that must be met or else you risk forever losing the potential for any recovery.

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