Focus On A Prescription Drug: Fosamax Osteoporosis Medication

Recently, a nurse was shocked to find that she had broken both of her femurs – and even more shocked to discover that her health problems were likely caused by the prescription drug Fosamax, a medication used for people who have osteoporosis and others with bone issues.

This nurse is far from the only person to have doctors tie her bone issues with the drug they were taking to keep their bones healthy. In the past few years, dozens of people have filed defective drug lawsuits regarding bone issues and jaw issues caused by Fosamax.

Fosamax, a bisphosphonate, was introduced to the market in 1995 by drug company Merck. Not long after, many users began reporting serious side-effects, such as pain, respiratory problems, stomach problems, breathing problems, skin problems, and other complications.

The most serious problem reported by users is a condition known as “dead jaw.” Dead jaw, which is technically known as osteonecrosis, is an infection of the jawbone that results in the deterioration of the bone and a number of very serious complications. Especially if you have recently had a serious dental procedure and are about to go onto Fosamax, or if you are on Fosamax and are planning a dental procedure, you should tell your doctor and dentist about your medical history to prevent dead jaw.

Recently, a woman was awarded $8 million defective drug lawsuit against Merck after she suffered a serious jaw infection after taking Fosamax and having dental work done. If you have been seriously injured by a Fosamax complication, you should talk to a knowledgeable dangerous prescription drug lawyer immediately.
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