Before you file your initial application for disability benefits, you may want to speak to a full-service disability law firm that can help you to determine whether or not you're potentially eligible for benefits. Each of Keller & Keller's disability lawyers offer full-service representation to their clients, meaning we represent you at every stage of the claim, including the initial application stage. 

Having helped 1,000's of Hoosiers with questions regarding their eligibility for social security disability benefits (SSDI) and social security income (SSI), we are often able to make a quick determination as to whether or not we can be of assistance at the initial application stage of your claim. 

Application Requirements for Disability

There are several benefits to having an attorney help you with your initial application, including the likelihood of less errors being made, leading to an increased chance of your receiving disability benefits. In fact, when you look at what the Social Security Administration is going to demand of you at this stage, it's understandable why someone might prefer to have a full-service disability law firm handle the many steps and help guide you through the application:

  • Social Security will ask for the date you became disabled. The answer given to this question is critical!

Your disability lawyer at Keller & Keller will work with you to select a date which maximizes your potential recovery and the chance of a fully favorable determination.

  • Social Security will ask you to identify your impairments and disabilities.

One of our main goals is to work closely with you to make sure your impairments and conditions are communicated to Social Security using the proper medical terminology, ensuring they request the appropriate tests and examinations. 

There will be a lot of paperwork, and we handle all of it for you. We work directly with the agency to ensure they have a complete and accurate list of your medical providers and doctors. This helps avoid any potential delays caused by Social Security requesting irrelevant, or unrelated records.

  • Social Security will examine EVERYTHING.

Having helped 1,000's of clients obtain their benefits, and we know the importance of being thorough. We will advise you about medical consultations, imaging, or testing which can help you develop medical evidence to provide official proof of your impairments.

  • It's very likely you will be denied the first time, and that means there will be important appeal deadlines which you MUST meet.

We have procedures and a sophisticated case management system in place to ensure appeals are filed in a timely fashion so that your claim is not delayed by a missed deadline.

Contact Our disability Lawyers

Having an Indianapolis disability lawyer from the start of the application process can often mean avoiding denials based on technicalities. When you call our office, you will speak with an attorney that will examine the factors that can help decide if applying for disability benefits is right for you.

No matter your situation, we offer every person a Zero Fee Guarantee, meaning we'll never charge you for a disability consultation, and we never receive payment for our legal services unless you receive disability benefits.

If you wish to speak to an attorney now, you can reach us at 1-800-253-5537, or simply fill out our free contact form to being your evaluation.