It's our belief...

It's our belief that clients seeking disability benefits deserve our firm's full array of tools, and that's why we consider ourselves to be a "full-service" social security disability law firm. In short, it means we handle everything. And while that term itself may not mean much to someone who has never tried to obtain disability benefits from the Social Security Administration, we know it matters to our clients, because it means we're going to be with them every step of the way.

There are questions you should consider before hiring an Indianapolis disability lawyer to help you, and depending on the answer given, you'll be able to determine whether or not the firm offers a full range of services to help increase your odds of receiving disability benefits. Some of those questions include:

Will I be represented by a lawyer or a non-lawyer representative?

Our clients are represented by lawyers. Clients of many large national firms are represented by non-attorney representatives.  At Keller & Keller, we believe that all disability clients should be represented by full-service disability attorneys.

Does your firm accept unfiled claims?

Yes, our full-service approach begins with a client's initial claim. It doesn't matter to us if you have not yet received your denial, we want to help you from the start, and that's why we'll even help you file your initial claim!

Will you pay for the copies of all my medical records?

We only bill you for these expenses once your case is resolved. Expecting a client to produce their own medical record evidence would be asking them to burden a significant cost. Fortuantely, as we build our clients' cases, we front these expenses, allowing us to obtain the proper information and medical opinion that helps validate to SSA your existing condition(s).

Will you try to resolve my case without the need for a hearing?

Our full-service approach emphasizes early development of your disability claim, and the ultiamte goal is to reach a resolution before an administrative hearing becomes necessary. However, if there is a hearing, your disability attorney will argue your case in front of an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ).

Will you drop my disability case if we lose at the hearing?

Before you hire an Indianapolis disability attorney, be sure to ask them what happens if you receive an unfavorable decision at your administrative hearing--it's possible that an attorney may drop your case at this point. Fortuantely, our disability attorneys don't stop at the hearing level. 

When a claimant has been denied disablity by an administrative law judge at the hearing level, they have the option to file a Request for Review of that decision by the Appeals Council


Do you practice in Federal District Court?

Yes...Make sure the disability attorney you hire is willing to appeal your case at the Federal District Court level. Again, part of our full-service offering to clients is the fact that our disability lawyers can take your case to Federal District Court if we feel it's necessary.