Santa Fe, New Mexico is in the north-central portion of the state and is the capital of New Mexico. Sante Fe is known for its Pueblo-style architecture and arts culture. Sante Fe, meaning Holy Faith, was founded as a colony in 1610. This unique American city thrives on tourism and the arts.

Choosing an attorney to represent you for your personal injury claim is a critical decision. The lawyer you hire will affect the results of your case, and that's why we always recommend looking at their credentials and experience as well as the firm's reputation.

Fortunately, Santa Fe residents have Keller & Keller as an option. We have cultivated a positive reputation among New Mexicans, we handle cases throughout the entire state, and we have over 80 years of experience.

No matter the type of case you wish to discuss, we can offer advice that may save your entire claim. Cases we handle every day for Santa Fe clients include wrongful death claims, semi-truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, and car accident injury claims.

While our Santa Fe injury lawyers are able to successfully settle the majority of our client’s claims outside of court, we are absolutely ready to file a complaint with the Santa Fe County Courthouse at 225 Montezuma Avenue and take your case to trial in front of a jury.

Driving Dangers in Santa Fe

A hub of activity and local culture for many residents, Santa Fe is not without its risks. In recent years, Santa Fe drivers have had a higher than average likelihood of being involved in a fatal car accident than the rest of New Mexico. In fact, Santa Fe has some of the highest recorded numbers of motor vehicle crashes in the state. Crashes involving an intoxicated driver account for nearly half of all crash-related fatalities in Santa Fe County.

Driving while intoxicated is not the only factor affecting Santa Fe drivers. Other risky behaviors also contribute to car accidents, such as excessive speed, driving while distracted (texting, etc.), following too closely, and failing to yield the right of way. Drivers engaging in these behaviors put themselves and others at risk.

A frequent site for severe motor vehicle accidents in Santa Fe is Cerrillos Road. A multi-lane thoroughfare through the city, Cerrillos Road can pose many obstacles to drivers, including frequent construction and heavy traffic. It is also the most common roadway for crash-related fatalities that occur in Santa Fe.

Many of our Santa Fe clients were involved in accidents on Cerrillos Road, so we are familiar with the roadway and the dangers it can pose. However, we are also aware that Cerrillos Road is not the only place where an accident may take place in Santa Fe. No matter the location of your accident in Santa Fe, we can help.

Santa Fe Car Accident Case

After being involved in a severe motor vehicle accident in Santa Fe, a client reached out to our office about the back and leg injuries he sustained as a result of the accident.

Our client was traveling on Cerrillos Road when he came to a stop light at Vegas Verdes. The adverse driver behind him failed to stop and rear-ended our client, resulting in heavy damage to both vehicles.

Physical therapy was required for his injuries to improve, and his family doctor even discussed the possibility of surgery with him. His injuries also rendered him unable to participate in some of his favorite activities, such as horseback riding in Santa Fe County. However, after the proper treatment, our client was able to make a full recovery.

Once released from treatment, our client got together with his Santa Fe injury lawyer to start talking about settling his personal injury claim. Through negotiating with the insurance company, his lawyer was able to obtain a settlement amount that met with our client’s approval and avoided the hassle of taking the case to court.

Santa Fe Emergency Contacts

Santa Fe Police Department

CHRISTUS St. Vincent Hospital Emergency Room

  • Address: 455 St. Michaels Drive, Santa Fe, NM 87505
  • Phone: (505) 913-3934

Santa Fe Fire Department Headquarters

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Having an attorney assist with your car accident claim allows you, in many cases, to take home more money than if you had attempted to handle the claim by yourself. Our experience and expertise in handling these types of claims every day allow us to know the most effective ways to get these cases settled for their maximum value.

Our attorneys have the power to take the insurance company to court when necessary, and the insurance companies know this and keep this in mind when negotiating the claim with our legal team.

There are three types of compensation that your attorney will typically seek to recover for you in an accident claim that involves injury: 

  • Medical Bills
  • Lost Wages
  • Pain and Suffering

Additionally, your injury lawyer may be able to garner reductions on medical bills and liens, increasing the amount we can put in your pocket.

If you wish to schedule a consultation, or simply get advice, you can call our Albuquerque office direct at 1-800-253-5537. However, if you prefer to contact our attorneys by email, you can write to them with the details of your accident by using our free contact form. We're quick to respond and look forward to going to work for you! 

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