Common Causes of Indiana Truck Accidents & Big Rig Dangers: Truck Size & Weight

Nearly 4,000 people die every year in crashes involving commercial semi-trucks. Given the truck’s much greater size and weight, it is not surprising that occupants of passenger cars and trucks account for almost 70 percent of these deaths. The size difference between commercial tractor trailers and passenger vehicles is so great that occupants of the smaller vehicles really don’t stand a chance in a crash. Our Indianapolis truck accident attorney details further.

Why Are Trucks Responsible for So Many Fatalities?

Most of us know that truckers are on the road for long hours, and while drowsy driving poses serious danger to everyone, it is the size and weight of the Black and White Drawing of a Semi-Trucktractor-trailers that make them particularly deadly in a crash. Because trucks weigh considerably more than the other vehicles, they become harder to control. Actions like braking, turning, and steering must be given special consideration, especially in dangerous weather or on precarious road surfaces. Some of the more common dangers involving semi-trucks and their size include:

  • Blind spots and no-zones. Because of their length and build, trucks have much larger blind spots than regular vehicles. The area directly behind the truck and diagonally to each side of the truck are invisible to the truck driver, and should be "no-zones" to any other vehicles in the area. Common accidents include trucks changing lanes into a vehicle located in a blind spot or a truck breaking suddenly when there is a car directly behind them.
  • Wide turn awareness. Also because of their size, trucks need to swing wide to the left when making right turns and wide to the right when making left turns. Accidents occur from this situation when trucks do not see smaller vehicles flanking them on either side or when cars or motorcycles are to the right of the truck and next to the curb during a right turn. Be aware that trucks make wide turns.
  • Weight distribution/rollovers. Trucks are often top-heavy with cargo and cumbersome in general and they are much more susceptible to rollovers when turning too fast or driving on on-ramps or off-ramps. Rollovers can also occur in adverse weather conditions.​
  • Jackknifing. If truck drivers lose control of their big rig, the cab of the truck can do one thing and the trailer of the truck can do another. In many situations, this involves the trailer swinging around 360 degrees, taking out any other vehicles in its path, so that the cab comes to rest in the opposite direction of the trailer (like a jackknife). Jackknifing can happen if the truck brakes too fast or makes sudden changes in direction.

If You’ve Been in an Accident With a Truck, We Can Help

Being involved in an accident with a commercial truck can be dangerous and frightening enough. However, if you were injured in the accident, the daunting task of facing down the trucking company’s insurance adjuster can be frightening as well. You don't have to take on this fight alone. Call our truck accident team in Indianapolis at 1-800-253-5537 to schedule your free consultation today.

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