Stay Visible on Your Motorcycle, Prevent Indiana Traffic Accidents

One of the most common Indiana motorcycle accidents takes place when drivers simply don't see bikers because of their size - drivers switch lanes into bikes, pull out in front of bikes, or make turns into a bike's path.

While a large part of the solution to this type of motorcycle accident is driver awareness, bikers can also do their part to stay visible:

  • Steer clear of blind spots. Especially when riding on the highway, be aware of where common blind spots are and know that if you can't see a driver's eyes in the rearview and side-view mirrors, they can't see you. 
  • Turn on your headlight. Keeping your headlight on will make your more visible both during the day and at night. 
  • Wave a hand. Not sure if a driver has seen you? Make a movement to grab their attention. A friendly wave will often suffice. 
  • Pick a brightly colored bike. Black bikes are the most difficult to see. White and yellow bikes are the most visible. 
  • Wear reflective gear. A reflective piece of clothing or a piece of reflective tape can make a huge difference at night. Even wearing light-colored gear can help, such as a white helmet. 
  • Tap your brakes. If you aren't sure if the car behind you is aware of your presence on the road, tap your brakes to make sure they see you. 
  • Don't forget about your horn. If a motorist doesn't seem to see you, make sure that they can hear you. Beep your horn if you think you are in a blind spot or if you think a car is going to turn in front of you. It's not rude if it will save a life.


Have you been injured in an Indiana motorcycle accident? Or has a loved one been killed in a motorbike accident that wasn't his fault? Be sure to speak with an Indianapolis motorcycle injury attorney at Keller & Keller LLP today.

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