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The number of medical devices used in operating rooms throughout Indiana is at an all-time high. The reason for this is largely attributed to evolving medical technology, and a surgeon’s ability to correct and fix health conditions that were once untreatable.

The types of devices used by doctors vary widely based on a patient’s individual need, and often times the procedure will improve a person’s life. However, there are times when medical devices fail, such as when a hip replacement device proves defective, or a transvaginal mesh procedure causes permanent injury. What happens in these cases?

Quite simply, when a device is improperly designed (or not thoroughly tested) the medical company needs to be held accountable for the injuries and pain and suffering they have caused a person.

Were you Injured by one of these Devices?

Keller & Keller's Indianapolis office is currently speaking to prospective clients who were injured or lost a loved one to any of the following products:

If the medical device that caused you injury is not listed above, it’s still possible that we can help. If you call our staff with the name of the device that injured you, we can quickly determine whether or not it’s a potential claim our network can handle.

Hiring an Experienced Law Firm Can Make a Difference

Keller & Keller has more than 75 years of experience helping injured victims, and we handle cases throughout the entire state of Indiana.

In our seven decades of practicing law, we have networked with defective medical device attorneys across the country that have investigated and actively pursued the makers of products that have proven responsible for serious and/or fatal injuries.

Cost of Pursuing a Medical Device Case

Make no mistake, these types of cases are often expensive and time-consuming, and medical device companies often employ high-priced defense attorneys who take as long as needed to protect their assets. For this reason, it’s important you choose a law firm that can withstand appeals and delays, and has the necessary financial backing to investigate and present your claim.

Who’s Responsible?

It’s never correct to assume the medical device company is the only defendant that has liability with regard to your case. Medical companies can spend millions of dollars in their efforts to push a device into the marketplace, and there are often several groups involved that help to make that possible. Examples of others that might be liable include the suppliers of particular parts, vendors, and/or the doctor who performed the surgery.

This is yet another critical reason to make sure the law firm you hire has experience in handling complex claims. The attorney will need to call upon several resources and conduct a thorough investigation to determine how many defendants may have liability.

Indiana's Medical Device Companies

The following list of companies doesn't imply that each are currently being sued (though some are), but it does show that our state remains a popular destination for high-tech medical manufacturers.

Symmetry Medical – Avila, IN

Cook Medical – Bloomington, IN

Boston Scientific – Spencer, IN

Roche Diagnostics – Indianapolis, IN

Biomet – Warsaw, IN

Depuy – Warsaw, IN

Medtronic – Warsaw, IN

Zimmer Holdings – Warsaw, IN

Contact a Medical Device Injury Lawyer Today

The injuries and emotional trauma caused by a defective medical device can be devastating. For this reason, it’s not uncommon for victims, as well as family members who suffer the death or injury of a loved one, to seek compensation for their damages. Keller & Keller’s goal is to get it for you.

We offer a Zero Fee Guarantee to victims of defective medical devices. This means that our firm receives no payment for their legal services until a recovery is made on your behalf.

If you wish to speak to a member of Keller & Keller’s staff immediately, you can reach us at 800-253-5537. If you prefer to write to us, you can use our confidential, free contact form.

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