Michigan Car Accident Lawyers

Auto accidents can be the most violent and stressful event of a person’s life. The fear and pain of the collision are something the victim will likely never forget. When it’s all over and the adrenalin has worn off, it’s time to heal, get back to work and put the pieces back together.

But returning to normal life can be challenging. The damaged vehicle must be addressed, along with the cost of medical care and lost wages. What about your pain and suffering?

Most likely, you’ll hear from the insurance company first. The adjuster might attempt to push you toward settling the claim quickly. The decisions made immediately after the accident will determine the value of your claim, including your decision of whether to contact a Michigan car accident lawyer.

The Michigan car accident lawyers of Keller & Keller have a track record of getting results for clients. Our experienced attorneys will handle the insurance company for you, giving you the highest quality of legal representation. Every client receives our Zero Fee Guarantee, which means the consultation is always free and you pay nothing until we make a recovery for you.

Michigan No-fault law

Under Michigan's "no-fault law," your own insurance pays your medical bills and lost wages, regardless of which party was at fault, and even if the other party was completely at fault.

So-called “first-party benefits” include thorough medical treatment, wage losses of up to 85 percent, attendant care, replacement services for household tasks and mileage reimbursements for travel to medical care.

The “order of priority” determines who pays first-party benefits if the vehicle is uninsured or does not belong to the victim. The first alternative is the insurance carrier of a resident relative, such as a spouse, parent or sibling. Next is the insurer of the owner of the vehicle involved, and then the insurer of the driver of the vehicle involved. The final possibility is the State of Michigan Assigned Claims Facility.

Michigan’s “qualitative threshold” can make it difficult to recover a full and fair amount for your injuries. Under Michigan law, the “qualitative threshold” sometimes allows the victim or family to file suit against the at-fault party in cases of death and dismemberment where a tort is present.

Medical care

Getting prompt medical attention following your car accident is vitally important. Bodily aches and pains can worsen over time, so don’t hesitate to receive treatment for even minor injuries.

Failure to see a doctor can result in a “gap in treatment” which can be harmful to a personal injury claim. Clear and consistent medical records draw a clear line connecting an auto accident to your injuries. Patients should attend all follow-up appointments in order to strengthen their claim.

Do I Have to Pay Taxes on My Car Accident Settlement?

Statute of limitations

WARNING: Michigan law has unforgiving deadlines and time limits associated with car accident cases. The time limits, known as the statute of limitations, can depend on several factors. It's our opinion that you should contact an experienced Michigan car accident lawyer to discuss your statute of limtiations to help ensure your claim does not expire.

Firm experience

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