Indianapolis Injury Attorney Makes Recovery for Dog Bite Client.

Brianna was 17-years-old when she was attacked by a dog. The attack lasted seconds, but the injuries she received were serious, requiring stitches, surgery, and ongoing follow-up care.

Because of her age at the time of the incident, it was Brianna’s parents who first contacted our office. After listening to the Foster’s version of the events surrounding their daughter’s dog bite, it became immediately clear that this was a case we could handle and ultimately make our clients very happy with the end results.

Indiana’s dog bite laws, and the aggressive way insurance companies defend these cases, would make it critical for Brianna’s case to be presented in a convincing and professional manner. This meant that our investigation of her claim would require methodical documentation of her injury as well as certified medical records of her existing treatment. In addition, we coordinated an evaluation with a plastic surgeon that provided substantial value based on the long-term treatment and correction of her scarring.

We were ultiamtely able to settle Brianna’s case and hold the insurance company of the dog owner accountable.

Video Transcription:

“Hi, my name is Brianna Foster and this is my story.

My story started with me being attacked by a dog when I turned 17, and I was left scarred emotionally and physically, and I realized at that point that I needed a lawyer.

My first encounter was Keller & Keller was very good. The people were very warm. You know, when I came in, it was just very comforting to me, it felt as if it wasn’t more like a business deal. It felt like they just wanted to take care of me and put me at ease and, you know, help me out with what I really needed as a person.

They kinda’ put me at ease with giving, with my entire story. I didn’t want to have to relive everything. I kinda’ just could give them all the details of my case and they took care of everything for me. I didn’t have to relive the entire story.

I felt like I could always ask any questions, but I felt completely and totally comfortable that my situation was gonna’ be taken care of. And if I really did have any questions, I would be able to go back, and you know, question about it and get the full answer that I needed and then just kind of turn everything over to them, and I felt like everything would kind of be taken care of for me.

I would definitely use Keller & Keller again.”