Can I Get Disability for Long Covid?

While most people recover quickly from COVID-19, some continue to struggle with symptoms long after the initial infection has cleared.  Folks who still have symptoms more than four weeks after the initial infection are considered to have Long Covid. There are several other names for post-COVID conditions; it is often called long COVID, but it can also be called long-haul COVID, long-term effects of COVID, chronic COVID, post-acute COVID-19, and post-acute sequelae of SARS-CoV-2 (PASC). 

Red Blood Cells Within The Body

The most common long COVID symptoms include shortness of breath, brain fog, chest pain, chronic pain, and intense fatigue. However, there are many other symptoms, and no two people have Long Covid the same way. Other symptoms can include energy crashes, heart palpitations, digestive upset, dizziness, or blood clots. Most people with Long Covid will have had a positive Covid test, but some will not. Why some people get Long Covid and others do not remains unknown. If you think Long Covid could explain your symptoms, please contact your health care provider for further evaluation.  This checklist can help you prepare for that appointment.    

In July 2021, COVID-19 was added as a recognized condition that could result in a disability under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The Social Security Administration has recently published guidance on the medical evidence to consider in evaluating an application for disability for individuals with Long Covid. The Social Security Administration (SSA) wants evidence explaining why the Long Covid diagnosis was made.  It also wants evidence on the course of the condition, the kinds of treatment(s) tried, and the response(s) to the treatment(s).  The Social Security Administration will also want documentation of any assessment of functional limitations or permanent work restrictions assigned. For example, brain fog might disrupt concentration, shortness of breath might restrict the ability to stand and walk during the day, and energy crashes might affect a person’s ability to perform job duties for an entire workday.  However, suppose a medical professional can identify how often or how long these symptoms will have these impacts. In that case, that will help The Social Security Administration assess how much these symptoms would limit a person’s ability to work.  So, how does the Social Security Administration evaluate an application anyway?  

If your Long Covid symptoms interfere with your ability to work, you might be eligible for Social Security disability. Please call Keller & Keller to speak with a Social Security disability attorney for a quick and free evaluation of your claim.

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