Physical Disabilities and Disorders That May Qualify for Social Security Disability Benefits

A variety of physical disabilitys may qualify for Social Security benefits.While many factors are considered by the Social Security Administration when reviewing an application for disability benefits, one critically relevant fact is whether your disability is preventing you from working. Physical impairments of all kinds may make holding a job difficult, and may even stop you from working at all. When that's the case, your physical disability may qualify you for Social Security disability benefits.

Which Physical Disabilities Can Qualify for SSDI Benefits?

There are many, many phsycial disorders and disabilities that may qualify you for Social Security benefits, and the list we've collected below does not cover all of them. The SSA's website has a comprehensive list of qualifying physical disabilities, but these are the more common disorders that we see in our clients:

Even With a Qualifying Disability, Denials Are Common

It's a fact the more SSDI applications are denied than are approved. The process for getting Social Security benefits can be lengthy and complex, and if you don't have an experienced disability attorney representing you, the odds for approval are not in your favor.

However, there are several things can help improve your chances of getting approved for Social Security for a physical disability. If you have a clear diagnosis from your doctor, an assessment of your ability (or lack thereof) to perform work, and evidence of your committment to regular treatment, then your attorney will have a much easier time proving your claim for disability at your hearing.

Our Social Security Disability Attorneys Are Here to Help

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