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'Roll-Away' Accidents Cause Injury and Death

Whenever the key is in the vehicle’s ignition, an automatic transmission can possibly be moved out of park, even when the vehicle's engine is off and the brake is not depressed.

Prevention Tips to Keep your Child Safe:
• Never leave a child or children in the vehicle 
• Supervise children when they are getting in or out of a vehicle
• Make sure to keep your vehicle locked and the keys out of reach when not in use
• Never leave the keys to a vehicle in the car
• Utilize the emergency brake when your vehicle is parked
• Verify whether or not your vehicle has a Brake Transmission Safety Interlock (BTSI). Check your vehicle’s manual, or check this list to find out if you have a BTSI-equipped vehicles. The Dodge Caravan was under investigation for not having the BTSI. 

What you need to know about vehicle rollaway:
• If the vehicle accidentally begins moving, the child may become scared and attempt to jump out while the vehicle is moving. In doing this, the child can become injured, or possibly run over by the vehicle.
• Many newer vehicles are equipped with BTSI technology, which prevents the vehicle from accidentally being put into gear. 
• All vehicles built with an automatic transmission with a ‘PARK’ position, after September 1, 2010, are required to have BTSI technology.

Motorists are responsible for their vehicles, whether behind the wheel or not. Cars and trucks should be stored in a safe location when parked to avoid accidents such as "roll-aways."

If you've been injured in a rollaway accident, or any auto accident, you need the help of an experienced Indiana injury attorney. At the law offices of Keller & Keller, we can provide you with a free consultation and advice on your case.

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