Family Arrested After Pet Wolf Hybrid Attacked Another Dog

An Illinois couple has been arrested for obstruction of justice, possession of a dangerous animal, and child endangerment this week after authorities discovered that the family had a hybrid wolf as a pet. This is not the first time that the couple has been caught with an illegal animal in their home.

According to the Journal Courier, Cass County Animal Control was called to Beardstown when a neighbor reported that a dog had jumped a fence and attacked their dachshund. When Animal Control arrived on the scene, they found that the aggressive dog was a wolf hybrid owned by Harold and Tara Lanier. Just a year earlier, a similar incident occurred at the same house with a different wolf hybrid, which are illegal in Illinois. Last year, they took the animal away and didn’t press charges.

The couple admitted that they had bought several part-wolf dogs in Indiana and other states over the years, but usually kept the pets in a pen or in their home. Authorities say that they are trying to place the wolf-dog hybrid with an appropriate rescue group in another state.

Wolf hybrids have a history of being involved in dog attacks and many experts believe they are more dangerous than other dogs because of their genetics. If you or a loved one have been attacked by a wolf hybrid, speak with an Illinois dog bite lawyer today about your case.
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