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“He Shouldn’t Have Been Driving” – Indiana Car Accident Victim

Are Indiana drunk-driving laws tough enough to keep everyone on the road safe? How many times should you have your license suspended before it is revoked altogether? Many people are asking these questions in Munster, Indiana, after a pedestrian was killed by a driver with a laundry list of violations and charges.

On New Year’s Eve, husband and grandfather Fred Skafgaard got off of work and purchased a few groceries before crossing a Munster intersection. He was struck and killed by 24-year-old Michael Temores, who had allegedly been drinking at a nearby lounge before getting behind the wheel.

After the fatal Indiana pedestrian accident, an investigation revealed that it was far from the first traffic offense for Temores. Although he was driving with a valid license at the time of the deadly crash, his drivers license had been suspended seven times in the past eight years. He had twice been arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence and had also tallied 31 other charges and offenses. When they heard the news, Skafgaard’s wife and two adult daughters were furious that Temores had the legal right to drive.

The man is due back to court in March.

Should Temores have been allowed to drive after so many license suspensions, and should Indiana have tougher laws for repeat offender drivers? Speak your mind in our comments section.

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