Indianapolis Girl Faces 57th Surgery Following Dog Attack Five Years Ago

Indiana resident Amaya Hess may only be seven years old, but she’s undergone over 50 surgeries in the last five years. This month, she’ll go in for her 57th surgery, this time to give the little girl from Indianapolis a prosthetic eye.

When Hess was two years old, she was sitting in a stroller in a city park when a pit bull attacked her, badly mauling her face and head. She was so badly injured in the attack – which left her without a scalp, ear, one eye, and most of her nose – that she was placed in a coma for months while doctors attempted to save her life and save her face. Since then, the cheerful girl has been subject to dozens of reconstructive surgeries and plastic surgeries to help rebuild her head.

Bobbie Tomlin, the girl’s mother, says that she is no longer angry about the vicious dog attack – she is only thankful that her little girl survived. However, she says that no matter how many surgeries they have endured, she still gets nervous before each one.

Unfortunately, this dog bite story has a number of common elements. Pit bulls are responsible for a significant number of dog attacks in Indiana each year and young children are often the victims of aggressive dog maulings. In addition, many children who are bitten in the face, head, and neck must endure a number of reconstructive surgeries in the months and years after a serious attack.

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