Man Dies In Fall While Servicing Indiana Water Tower

A worker has died while on-the-job near Kokomo, Indiana, according to the Associated Press. Authorities say that 30-year-old Rodolfo Torrez Vazquez was servicing a water town when he fell and became entangled in nearby cables.

Vazquez was on a safety line, but officials became entangled during the fall, possibly breaking his neck. When he was found, he was dangling about 50 feet above the ground. By the time he was recued by emergency responders, he was dead.

The Howard County sheriff's department is investigating the fatal worker fall accident. It is unclear when the on-the-job accident took place or whether any safety issues are involved.  The sheriff’s department is planning on taking a closer look at the scene of the accident today.

At this time, it is not clear whether or not his safety harness or safety line malfunctioned during the worker fall or why Vazquez fell initially.
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