Hello, I'm Jim Keller, a partner at Keller & Keller. If you're looking for an injury lawyer in Kokomo to help you with your accident case, you should consider asking three questions.

Kokomo Injury and Wrongful Death Lawyers

Number one: Does your firm work on a contingency fee basis? Personal injury firms that work on a contingency fee basis will allow you to hire them without any money down, and the only way the firm is paid is if you're paid. Keller & Keller offers everyone from Kokomo a Zero Fee Guarantee. This means we'll meet you at your home, the Howard Regional Hospital, or in our office at no cost, and we don't get paid until you do.

Number two: Does your firm specialize in personal injury law? This is very important. You want to hire a law firm that limits itself to injury cases. This will ensure they've handled a case similar to yours, and that they do this kind of work every day.

Number three: Is the lawyer you're considering familiar with the city of Kokomo? Always ask whether or not the attorney has experience handling cases in your area. You'll want them to be familiar with the Howard County Courts and have experience handling cases like the motorcycle accident we diagram and discuss on our website. If you're ready for a free consultation with a Kokomo injury lawyer, please call or email me. Our office is a short drive up US 31 and we're available seven days a week. 

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Kokomo, Indiana is just an hour north of Indianapolis and is known as a hub of the automobile industry and has a long history of being a part of Indiana’s rich automotive heritage. US31 passes through the center of Kokomo directly north of Indianapolis. Due to its location in the center of the state, Kokomo is a common pass-through for vehicles traversing the state. Kokomo, IN is home to a population of 59.3k people, from which 98.8% are citizens.

Keller & Keller is proud to have represented clients in Kokomo for over 85 years. We are familiar with the city’s hospitals, police departments, and roadways. If you or a loved one have been injured in a car accident in Kokomo, Indiana, or the surrounding area, reach out to our team today. When it comes to accidents in Indiana, Keller & Keller has the experience and tenacity you need in an attorney. Check out reviews from our clients to see for yourself.

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