Pit Bull Dog Attack Stops Mail Delivery In Michigan Neighborhood

A dog attack in Sturgis, Michigan, has left a neighborhood without mail service. On the Saturday after Thanksgiving, a US mail carrier was bitten by a three-year-old pit bull when trying to deliver mail on West Congress Street. The dog bit the woman while another aggressive pit bull also approached. The woman was sent to the hospital with dog bite wounds.

According to Sturgis Post Office supervisor Tom Picker, the street in that area of town is infamous for dangerous and aggressive dogs and the neighborhood is simply too dangerous to deliver mail to. Picker said that mail would not resume for the time being in that area and that the dog would have to be removed.

The dog’s owner, Kipp Vanzile, said that they have trained their pit bulls and have even used a shock collar on the dogs. Although Vanzile issued a public apology, she does not have plans to get rid of her pet.
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