Understanding VA and Social Security Benefits for Service Members

Joyful pensioner keeping smile on her face while checking documentsAs a service member, you may be entitled to both VA and Social Security benefits, but eligibility for one doesn't automatically mean you're entitled to the other. Although these two programs have similarities, they're administered by separate government agencies.

One of the advantages of Social Security benefits is that claims can be expedited for servicemembers. Many veterans struggle to get opinions on their functional abilities, but Social Security evaluates symptoms alleged by applicants based on how they affect work functions. For example, if you have back pain, Social Security will evaluate if it's difficult for you to stand or walk, or if you have a shoulder injury if it's challenging to reach or lift.

While not all VA benefit applicants undergo a C&P exam, if you do, it's advisable to request a copy of the final report for your records. This report could be helpful if you plan to apply for Social Security benefits later on.

If you're a service member and think you might be eligible for Social Security benefits, contact Keller and Keller for an evaluation of your claim. Our dedicated social security lawyers can help you navigate the process and get the benefits you deserve.

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