Vocational Rehabilitation Offers Options for the Disabled!

Vocational Rehabilitation Services (VRS) is a state and federally funded program that provides disabled individuals with help entering or re-entering the workforce by offering vocational counseling, skills training, interventions to help accommodate specific impairments, and ultimately job placement.

From the perspective of a practicing disability attorney in Indianapolis, it's my experience that one of the most common reasons someone decides to apply for disability benefits is because the individual can no longer perform his/her past work. 

In order to be found disabled, a claimant must not only prove that he or she can no longer perform past jobs, a claimant must also prove that he or she cannot perform any other jobs that exist in significant numbers in the regional and national economy. There are certain exceptions to these requirements, but these rules apply in the majority of cases.

Code of Federal Regulations (20 CFR 404.1566) make it clear what SSA is really concerned about when determining whether a claimant is disabled. Social Security is determining in large part whether a claimant can physically and mentally perform any type of work that is out there. 

Factors SSA Doesn't consider

There are multiple factors that SSA will not consider in determining disability, including: 

(1) Your inability to get work 

(2) Lack of work in your local area 

(3) The hiring practices of employers

(4) Technological changes in the industry in which you worked 

(5) Cyclical economic changes 

(6) No job openings for you 

(7) You would not actually be hired to do work you could otherwise do 

(8) You do not wish to do a particular type of work

All of these things that SSA will not consider are actually very real problems that disabled individuals face. In instances where these real world problems stop claimants from working, and the claimant’s impairments do not prevent performing all types of work, then Vocational Rehabilitation Services may be the right option.

VRS is available throughout the state of Indiana.


If you have questions about Indiana's vocational rehabilitative services, or wish to discuss your chances for receiving disability benefits, you can contact one of the Indianapolis disability attorneys at Keller & Keller for a free evaluation.

In fact, we offer every Social Security disability client a Zero Fee Guarantee. This means that you never pay a consultation fee and the only way we receive payment for our legal services is if you receive benefits.

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