Does an accident report have to be filled out at the time of the fall?

Ideally, an accident report should be completed at the time of the incident noting what happened, who witnessed both the accident and the conditions that caused the fall along with any other relevant information such as lighting. The requirement for a report is generally a store or business policy, rather than mandated by law.

If a report is not completed at the business location, occurred at a private location, or was not observed by others, compile a record of what happened yourself. Include information such as:

  1. A description of the circumstances
  2. Who was present
  3. The comments made by those who saw or helped after the fall

If possible, take photos of the area. If you were physically hurt, have your injury checked out immediately to help substantiate your claim. It's important that you seek the guidance of an experienced Indianapolis slip and fall accident attorney if you would like to speak about your possible legal options after a slip and fall accident.

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