A Lack Of Security Can Lead To Premises Liability Lawsuits

Did you know that property owners are lawfully required to provide guests with adequate security? Or that a lack of proper security that leads to an injury or assault can lead to a premises liability lawsuit?

Very simply, all property owners must maintain a reasonably safe environment for visitors – and this includes keeping those on their premises protected from harm from outsiders. If you were physically harmed or sexually assaulted while on property owned by someone else, they could be liable for your injuries due to lack of security, inadequate security, improper security, or negligent security. You could receive compensation for medical bills, pain and suffering, lost wages, or emotional trauma with help from our negligent security attorneys.

Instances of improper security premises liability can take place in motels, hotels, inns, apartment buildings, parking garages, parking ramps, shops, office buildings, banks, ATM machines, and even homes. What are some examples of inadequate security, lack of security, or negligent security?

•    A woman is sexually assaulted in a dark, unprotected parking garage at night.
•    A man is badly beaten when a burglar who easily enters his hotel room because of a lack of security in the lobby and poor locks on the hotel doors.
•    A woman is the victim of domestic violence after her ex-husband is able to enter her apartment building because of a sleeping or absent doorman. 
•    A man is harmed in his home because a landlord did not follow the law when it came to window lock regulations.
•    A woman is raped by a security guard in her office building after hours – and it is revealed that the company did not do a background check on the employee that would have exposed him as a sexual predator.

If the property owner knew about the lack of security on his or her premises, or if they knew about the potential for crime, and if the inadequate security was a direct cause of your injury, you may have a security negligence premises liability lawsuit. To learn more about your case, contact our attorneys today to schedule a free meeting.
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