How Long Does a Personal Injury Case Take to Settle?

Every personal injury case will have a unique set of facts and circumstances. There is the possibility that a case may settle relatively quickly while another similar case willSmall red car model on wooden desk with judge's hammer. require time-consuming litigation. Until you speak with an experienced Indianapolis personal injury attorney and provide full details about your car accident and health, there's simply no way to know how long your case may take.

It's never advisable to settle a case until your doctors have released you from treatment, and the reason for this is simple: signing a release means you waive your rights to recover for future damages related to the accident.

If your injuries are much worse than they originally appeared, a quick settlement puts you at risk of losing out on compensation that you are entitled to receive. Unfortunately, many injured individuals give in to pressure from the insurance companies to settle quickly, giving up their right to seek additional compensation when the injury worsens in the future.

Insurance Company Negotiations

Once you have finished treatment and we have received all of your medical records, our attorneys will begin to prepare a demand package on your behalf to begin negotiations with the insurance company. It's highly recommended that any discussions with an insurance company be handled by your Indianapolis car accident attorney, as they will have experience with similar claims and will work to protect your interests. Remember, anything you say to an insurance adjuster may be used against you in the future.

If the insurance adjuster refuses to pay a fair settlement or suggests that their insured is not liable for your injuries, we may determine that a lawsuit must be filed against the negligent party, however, this doesn’t mean that your case is necessarily going to trial. We are able to settle most injury cases before trial, whether by informal discussions, facilitative mediation, or further case evaluation.

In the rare instance, your case DOES require a jury trial, there are several additional steps required to ensure the procedure is followed, and ultimately, the case may then take years to settle.

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