What is "Reconsideration?"

When a claim for Social Security disability benefits is denied at the initial level, the claimant may then request a further review. At this time, your disability claim is now officially in the "reconsideration" phase of the process. In most states (including Indiana), reconsideration is the first stage of appeal with the Disability Determination Bureau in the state in which you live. However, some states (including Michigan), do not have reconsideration.

At the reconsideration level the case is sent to a different disability examiner at the same disability agency for a "second look" and more development as he/she deems necessary. Reconsideration approvals are rare, causing the Social Security Administration to rethink this step in the appeals process.

(In some states, reconsideration has already been eliminated and cases go directly to administrative hearing. Currently, the Social Security Administration has announced that reconsideration will be replaced with a new process. That is now being phased in nationally wherein a federal reviewing officer, outside the state disability determination agency will review claims.) 

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