Chances Are You Know The Dog That Will Attack You

Perhaps movies and other popular culture have warped our idea of how much dog attacks take place. Many may falsely believe that most dog attacks involve a strange stray dog that wanders into a neighborhood, a rabid pack of wild animals, or a mean junkyard dog that escapes his fence. However, the reality of dog bites is very different. Chances are you already know the dog that may one day attack you or your children.

In the majority of dog bite cases, the dog:

  • Is owned by the dog bite victim or their family.
  • Is owned by a close friend or relative.
  • Lives in the neighborhood.

Of course, this fact should not cause you to put your dog up for adoption or stop visiting your friends who have dogs. But it does mean that when it comes to dog attack prevention and dog bite safety, you can make smart choices for you and your family:

  • Never leave a young child alone with a dog – even a dog that has been in your family for years or a dog of a friend that you know well. Young kids can accidently pull a tail, bang a nose, or otherwise startle a dog.
  • As soon as they are old enough to learn, teach your children about the correct way to treat a dog and what to do if ever confronted with an aggressive dog.
  • Make certain that your dog is safely contained at all times. If your neighbor often loses their dog or has their dog roaming the streets, report the incident to animal control. Also report all aggressive dogs.
James R. Keller
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