Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycles are simply more dangerous than the other vehicles on the road - their small size makes them hard to see, their lack of safety features offer their riders little protection, and their two wheels and relatively lightweight make it easy for them to flip or skid. Our Indiana motorcycle accident attorney details more. hands on motorcycle handle bars driving on indiana road

What are the most common causes of motorcycle accidents?

Other drivers. Unfortunately, the cause of a great number of motorbike accidents is other drivers. Others on the road, the majority of which are in larger vehicles, are unaware of motorcycles or not paying attention to the road. Too often, cars will turn in front of motorcycles they don't see or change lanes when a motorcycle is in their blind spot.

Badly maintained or badly signed roads. Because of their lightweight in comparison with cars, and because they lack the stability of four wheels, a pothole, train track, or sharp curve could end in disaster for a motorcycle rider. If a road does not warm of bumps, grooved pavement, or other inconsistencies in the road, a motorcycle rider may have an accident. In the same way, if a dangerous curve does not have warning signs, it could catch a rider unaware.

Speed. Just as with all motor vehicles, speed kills. Not obeying posted speed limits increases your chances of losing control of your motorcycle, not being able to stop suddenly, and not being able to safely drive around curves.

Drinking and driving. Just as with all motor vehicles, driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol can greatly impair your ability to control your motorcycle.

Riding skills. Motorcycles are much different to drive than cars, and those on bikes should be knowledgeable about riding before they hit the roads and highways. Safety courses, instructional courses, and experience can help motorcycle riders prevent motorcycle accidents.

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