If your burn injury occurred on a construction site, it's possible you're due compensation.

Talk to a state-wide recognized and experienced Indiana injury attorney about your construction site burn.

Unfortunately, construction accident burn injuries are all too common in the United States. Although they are not as common as construction accident falls, each year dozens if not hundreds of workers are injured from burns at their workplace or construction site

Construction site burns can usually be attributed to one of the following 3 accident types:

Chemical Burns

Most chemical burns occur when a worker comes into contact with acids, bases, oxidizers or solvents, all of which can be found in common construction building materials like cement. Most people assume all chemcial burns are instant, but some also happen at a slower rate and cause damage over a longer period of time. Whether it's instant or a slow-burn, these burn types can be extremely painful and cause lasting damage to the skin, eyes, and lungs.

Steam Burns

Steam burns are anohter common injury-type on construction sites. Workers  especially as workers come into close contact with heavy machinery and pipes that could contain scalding steam. Like traditional burns from water, steam burns can be excruciating, leave permanent scars, and require years of healing, surgeries, and care.

Electrical Burns

are common on construction sites as wiring is often exposed and incomplete. Electrical burns can severely damage the skin in the area of the burn and also cause internal damage that can be life threatening.

Traditional Burns

from scalding water or fire can also occur at construction sites, especially when workers come into contact with pipes, flammable materials, and other fire hazards.

What to Do If You are Burned on a Construction Site

No matter how serious you believe the burn to be, you should immediately seek medical treatment. (If possible, have a co-worker drive you to the nearest hospital.) Burn injuries can lead to serious infection and/or permanent damage if they are not treated as quickly as possible.

After the doctors have stabilized you and there is no longer an immediate threat, it's critical that you begin the process of determining how the accident happened and who, if anyone, is at fault for your burn injury. If possible, have photos taken of the accident site and obtain the names and phone numbers of any witnesses who may have been near you when the incident occurred. Also, make sure you obtain a copy of your workplace accident report. After these steps have been taken, contact our office and ask to speak with an attorney who handles Keller & Keller's Indiana construction site injury cases. 


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