Construction Site Safety Basics: Safety Clothing

The combination of dangerous equipment, precarious environments, and negligent co-workers fill construction sites with everyday risks. It can prove to be a recipe for serious injury or death for even the most cautious of workers. 

Each year across the United States, an estimated 1,000 workers die in construction-related accidents, and according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), one in ten construction workers will be seriously injured while on the job.

There are countless precautions and training procedures designed to keep construction workers our of harm's way, but it's one of the most simple pieces of advice that is often overlooked that leads to injury: Wear proper clothing and equipment while on the job!

Some of the most basic pieces of safety equipment are sometime snot provided by an employer, or they are dismissed by the employee. In either event, it can lead to a tragic accident. Some of the most basic clothing and equipment include:

  • Hard hats protect against head injuries caused by falls or by materials or equipment falling on you.
  • Steel-toed boots protect again foot injuries caused by heavy materials or construction site machinery falling on your feet. Boots also protect against ankle injuries that could be sustained in falls or trips.
  • Safety goggles and glasses can protect against eye injuries while workers weld or cut materials. Safety glasses can also protect against dust or other eye irritants.
  • Protective work gloves can prevent skin irritation and hand injuries, especially when construction workers are handling hand-held equipment or lifting with their hands.
  • Reflective vests. Especially for construction crews working on our streets, intersections, and highways, reflective vests and other reflective gear helps passing cars and other vehicles to avoid hitting and injuring a construction worker. Reflective vests also help other construction workers spot their coworkers on the site.
  • Ear plugs and ear muffs. Construction sites can be extremely noisy - a fact that can be dangerous and that can lead to long-term, permanent hearing loss. Ear plugs and ear muffs can save a construction worker's hearing - and help prevent construction accidents that could occur if a worker can't properly hear his surroundings.

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