I Had a Hearing with a Social Security Judge and got Denied. What’s Next??

While the majority of Social Security claimants who get approved for disability benefits do so before or by the time they reach a hearing with a Social Security administrative law judge, many good disability cases are denied by a Social Security judge at a hearing. Social Security claimants who appeal their case all the way to a hearing have usually waited a substantial period of time. older man with hands covering face in concern

Many of those claimants have never gone before a judge for any reason and doing so can be an intimidating experience. For these reasons, as well as the financial stressors denied disability applicants face, it is more than understandable that an applicant who is denied by a judge after a hearing may be inclined to give up on the process. 

While our Indiana Social Security Attorneys understand feeling hopeless at that point, it is vital that a denied applicant for disability consult a lawyer before calling it quits. At Keller & Keller, our attorneys are always more than willing to review a disability judge’s denial of your application.

If a disability judge denies your case after a hearing, the best next step is to allow an attorney to review that judge’s decision and advise you as to whether you have a good social security appeal. You can Call 1-800-2keller and our disability appeals attorney will be happy to review your unfavorable decision free of charge. The next step will be to appeal your disability denial to Social Security’s Appeals Council.

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Our disability appeals attorney will assess your case and, depending on the facts, craft an argument indicating a legal error committed by the disability judge who denied your case. Unfortunately, while an experienced Social Security attorney can make a difference when it comes to appeals, requests for review by Social Security’s Appeals Council are seldom successful. However, in most situations, Keller & Keller takes a case denied at a hearing by a disability judge with the intention of appealing that beyond the Appeals Council to federal court.

Why do we even go to the Appeals Council then?

The answer is that a Social Security applicant has to complete Social Security’s internal process before they can file a lawsuit against the agency. While many attorneys do not appeal beyond Social Security’s Appeals Council, our Social Security Attorneys at Keller & Keller often do. If you are denied at a hearing, it is important to know whether your attorney is willing to appeal a disability case to some of the highest levels of the federal appellate process. If you are in a situation where your case is denied at the hearing or your request for review has been denied by the Appeals Council, be sure to call 1-800-2keller so our Social Security Attorneys can assess whether your case is one that should be appealed.

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