Who’s Fault Is My Injury? Amusement Park Accidents In Indiana or Illinois

As the weather warms and many families in Indiana and Illinois are preparing for summer vacations and summer activities, millions will travel to local amusement parks for experience rides, food, and other activities. However, many do not realize that sometimes an amusement park is not all fun and games – in fact, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, an estimated 15,000 people are injured while visiting amusement parks each year.

While some amusement park accidents are simply accidents that were unpreventable, and while others might have been caused by the person who was injured, others might have been caused by the negligence of the amusement park owner or the property owner. Especially if the amusement park was aware of a problem before your accident took place, or should have been aware of a problem, you could have a personal injury lawsuit or a premises liability lawsuit.

What are some common amusement park accident injuries?

•    Slips and falls. While many people assume that most amusement park injuries take place on roller coasters or other thrill rides, many accidents are simply slip and fall cases. In some of these cases, the amusement park may be responsible for your accident and injury.
•    Ride injuries. Some people are injured on thrill rides when there is a mechanical malfunction, operator error, or other issue. Injuries can range from broken bones to head injuries to death.
•    Triggered health problems. Some people suffer heart attacks or seizures during rides – and in some cases amusement park owners don’t warn riders about safety risks.
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