Motorcycle Accident Attorneys Keller & Keller LLP Provide Readers With A Run-Down of Michigan Motorcycle Laws

Are motorcycle helmets required in Michigan? Are there handlebar height laws in Michigan? In a few quick bullet points, learn all of the important motorcycle laws for Michigan to stay safe and legal while on the road.

  • Helmets are required for motorcycle riders of all ages in Michigan. Safety helmets are also required for off-road dirt bike riders.
  • Eye protection is required for all Michigan motorcycle riders traveling over 35 MPH. Eye protection is not needed if your motorcycle is equipped with a windscreen or windshield. Eye protection is required for off-road dirt bikers.  
  • For daytime headlight use, a modulating headlight is permitted in Michigan. 
  • Rider education certificates are required for all off-road dirt bike riders under the age of 16. 
  • Unlike in many other states, there are no restrictions on helmet speaker use.
  • Although a passenger seat and passenger footrest are both required for motorcycles carrying passengers, there are no restrictions on the age of the passenger.
  • In regards to side-view mirror laws, one mirror is required in Michigan on all motorcycles, either on the left or right side. 
  • In Michigan, the handlebar height on motorcycles is restricted to 15 inches above the seat. 
  • There are maximum sound level laws for motorcycles in Michigan. 
  • Lane sharing is legal for motorcycles in Michigan, as long as the number is limited to two motorcycles riding abreast in the same lane.  
  • Lane splitting, in which a motorcycle rides in between lanes of traffic on the dotted white line, is not legal in Michigan.
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