The Most Common Motorcycle Accident In Michigan

This month in DeWitt Township in Michigan, a man stopped at a stop sign and looked for traffic before continuing into the intersection at the corner of Webb Road and Old 27. Seconds later, the man struck an oncoming motorcycle broadside, sending the bike and its rider flying into the air. The teen suffered serious injuries in the motorcycle accident.

This tragic series of events is all too familiar to regular motorcycle riders and bike enthusiasts – and it may be the most common type of motorcycle accident that occurs in Michigan. In many cases, the driver of a car, truck, or other vehicle simply doesn’t see an oncoming motorcycle. When they look before entering an intersection or turning left in front of an oncoming lane of traffic, they are looking for large vehicles but not for those riding motorcycles. These motorcycle accidents are rarely the fault of the motorcycle rider.

The best way to prevent these motorcycle accidents in Michigan is to increase driver awareness of motorcycles on the road. Motorcycles are more easily hidden in blind spots or obstructed by road signs, trees, and other objects – and other drivers should understand that they should look carefully for motorbikes before entering an intersection or turning.

Motorcycle riders can also do a few things to help prevent this form motorcycle accident: they can use their headlight at all times, choose a bright paint color for their bike, and be sure to obey the speed limit. As always, motorcycle riders should wear helmets and protective clothing in order to minimize injury in the case of a MI motorcycle accident.

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