The Most Common Slip And Fall Injuries

Slip and fall accident cases are often used as examples of frivolous personal injury lawsuits. However, trip and falls can result in extremely serious injuries, permanent disabilities, and even death. Because so much harm can result from a slip and fall, it is vital that we hold property owners responsible for keeping their buildings and land reasonably safe.

What are the most common types of serious slip and fall injuries?

•    Head injuries. Traumatic brain injuries as a result of a fall victim’s head striking the ground can have severe and lifelong consequences. Slip and fall victims who suffer brain damage may need extensive rehabilitation and could struggle with ongoing mobility issues, memory problems, cognition problems, and behavioral problems.
•    Neck, back and spine injuries. A slip and fall – or even catching yourself from slipping and falling – can result in extremely painful and hard to treat neck and back injuries. A slipped disk, broken back, or other injury could lead to chronic pain, a need for surgery, or an inability to return to work.
•    Broken hips or broken pelvis. Did you know that a large percentage of slip and fall victims are elderly? Unfortunately, senior citizen are both more likely to fall and more likely to be seriously injured in that fall. A fall accident that breaks a victim’s hip or pelvis could result in a prolonged nursing home stay or a hip replacement surgery.
•    Torn tendons and ligaments. Tearing a tendon or ligament in your feet, knees, and wrists is very painful and can have long-term consequences. Many tears take months to heal and require physical therapy. Some tears could require surgery, and some patients never return to 100 percent.

If you have suffered one of the above injuries in a slip and fall accident, or if you have suffered a different serious injury in a fall accident, speak with a premises liability attorney today about your case.
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