If an aggressive dog in your neighborhood threatens your safety, you should ALWAYS take precautionary steps.

Did you know that most dog bite victims are attacked by a dog with which they've had previous interaction? Many times an aggressive dog will display a pattern of behavior that should have been reported for the well being of those who live in the neighborhood or for others who may have close interaction with the animal. With this in mind, we'll discuss what you should do if you are dealing with an aggressive dog or dogs in your neighborhood.

Acts of Prevention

1) Always be aware of stray dogs or animals in your neighborhood who are left unsupervised, especially if you have children or are caring for elderly adults. Being proactive in preventing a potential attack is the first step to successful dog bite prevention. If you've witnessed a dog displaying questionable behavior, and it's within the vicinity of your home, make certain that your family is aware of the animal and instructed how to behave around the dog, as well as what to do if it begins acting aggressively toward them.

Report the Dog

2) Be absolutely sure to report all dog incidents to your local animal control. Many of these reports can be anonymous. Report aggressive dogs that are loose and roaming the neighborhood, report dogs chronically barking dogs, and of course report any aggressive behavior, including the dog biting other animals or threatening humans. Reporting these incidents isn’t just a good idea for preventing future incidents, it is also key in establishing aggressive behavior in the animals in the event of a more serious dog bite or dog attack. 

Notify the Owner

3) Make sure that the owner of the dog is aware of the problems that their pet is causing for the neighborhood. In most cases, owners want to be responsible and keep others safe, and reports of escapes, aggressive behavior, or barking will be taken seriously. In some cases, letting the owner know that his or her pets are a danger is important to document for legal reasons in case a dog bite does occur.         

Contacting an Illinois Dog Bite Attorney

If you have been bitten by a dog, and you feel that the attack was unprovoked and a result of negligent ownership, please contact our office and ask to speak with one of our attorneys who handles Illinois dog bite cases. The call is always FREE and there is never a charge for our services unless we make a recovery on your behalf. 

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